Brian and Kelly Kretchman have been making adult beverages for over a decade.  They started with beer and ran a successful brew pub for many years until shutting it down and entering the distilling world.

Taking cues from their brewing experience and creativity, they set out to create new cane-based beverages that could be produced quickly, efficiently, and still maintain high quality standards.  After 2 years of research and experimentation, they successfully created a “smoothing process” that uses science to make any spirit extra smooth.

Using what they had learned, Rum Tropic was born in 2021 at The Velvet Mill in Stonington, CT.  Success was quickly achieved when they won over loyal drinkers with their extra smooth rums and vodkas.  Since then, Rum Tropic has been experimenting with new products and getting involved with community efforts to make a difference and pay forward their success.