Using a pinch of science and a handful of creativity, we craft unique liquor products that fit a wide audience.  Find out below about our Rum and Vodka.  All of our Rums and Vodkas are 80 proof (40% alc/vol), extra smooth, and gluten-free.



Hooked is a unique flavored rum.  Made with real honey and a combination of fall-like spices, Hooked is great for mixing or just sipping neat or on the rocks.  As with all of our spirits, Hooked is not only flavorful but also extra smooth due to Rum Tropic’s proprietary smoothing process.

Hooked, and all of our products, are proudly made in Greater Mystic.  Click on the “Go Mystic” logo below to start exploring Mystic Connecticut.



Our White Rum is the base of all the rums we make at Rum Tropic.  It starts with fermenting high quality Demerara Cane Sugar with a special strain of yeast to produce a rum wash that is run through our column still.  The results are a flavorful spirit with notes of tropical fruit and a residual sweetness that makes any tropical cocktail taste great.

Our proprietary smoothing process makes our White Rum extra smooth, and we can confidentially print this on the label.



Rum Tropic Spiced is a wonderful spiced rum that is great for sipping or to make those extra bold tropical cocktails.  It starts with Rum Tropic’s flavorful White Rum with its tropical fruit notes and residual sweetness.  We age the White Rum with 7 spices including Vanilla Bean, Sweet Orange Peel, Cinnamon, All Spice, Clove, Peppercorn, and Star Anise.  The results are a bold and flavorful concoction of sweet, spice, and citrus.

And of course, Spiced is extra smooth thanks to Rum Tropic’s proprietary smoothing process.



If you love coconut, then you certainly love coconut flavored rum.  Our Coconut Cream Rum blends real coconut milk with our extra smooth White Rum resulting in a light milky white concoction with a prominent and slightly creamy coconut flavor.

Coconut Cream Rum is dairy-free and great for making Pina Coladas or any type of tropical coconut cocktail.  It is equally as good on the rocks!

Our proprietary smoothing process adds to the silkiness of the coconut which makes for an incredibly smooth coconut flavored rum.



What do you get when you add sweet wildflower honey and chipotle pepper to an extra smooth rum?  You get Rum Tropic Hot Honey!

The recognizable honey sweetness is balanced by the smokiness and noticeable burn of the chipotle peppers.  Hot Honey is wonderful to sip neat or on the rocks for fans of spicy hot but it tones down nicely when concocted in a Hot Honey Mojito or cocktail of your creation.

With Rum Tropic’s proprietary smoothing process in the mix, Hot Honey is a sweet, smokey, and spicy hot extra smooth flavored rum.



Why stop at rum?  At Rum Tropic, we also make Vodka.  Scully Vodka is a nod to the naval history of Connecticut.  Scully is represented by “The Commodore” at the helm of his ship.  We distill Scully from the same Demerara Cane Sugar that we make our rum from.  After some refining and filtering, we end up with a clean and mostly neutral spirit with just a note of sweet.  Scully makes great martinis and other vodka-based cocktails.

And, of course, we put Scully through our proprietary smoothing process making Scully Vodka one of the smoothest vodkas you have ever tried.